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  • Deanna Brinkley (Sunday, June 23 19 11:29 am EDT)

    Thank You so much for the BEAUTIEFUL care package I received when picking up our family cat who traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, who we miss dearly. We were not expecting any of what we received and it was so comforting to us in our time of loss. Thank You Thank You Thank You : - )

  • Mikki Kellar (Sunday, May 27 18 04:28 pm EDT)

    Thank you for the beautiful way you handled the cremation of my fur baby " Tod " whom I lost due to complications of Diabetes, Cushings, and Acidosis on Mothers Day 2018. He was my world and I rescued him 9 years ago while going through a painful divorce and I would say he rescued me right back! For 5 years he fought diabetes and we were winning the battle until one day he could not stand and was in pain and as much as I felt like someone ripped my heart out and a part of me died that day also it was soooo nice to have such a heartfelt book about grieving and a beautiful wooden urn with his remains and just to know that someone showed him respect and love as much as I did...…..I miss him sooo much!
    Thank you again...….. Mikki

  • Glennedda Leslie (Sunday, May 27 18 03:10 pm EDT)

    I received Colter's remains back from my Veternarian on Saturday, May 26, 2018. I was overwhelmed with the beautiful and heartfelt presentation from you. The box is absolutely beautiful and the booklet I am reading slowly. Tears get in the way.

    Thank you from my grieving heart for such a touching display for my boy who left me after 15 years of wonderment and love.

  • Frank Flock (Friday, January 26 18 10:30 pm EST)

    My cat Yasmeen was recently cremated at your pet crematory and i was pleased with the beautiful box,bags,book,certificate and paw print that i received. Thank you, Frank Flock

  • Kimberlee vendrak (Friday, October 20 17 04:15 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for your compassion, my heart feels so much better that my Star is home with us now. Her paw print just melted my heart,I will cherish it forever.thank you?

  • Alan Reeser (Friday, October 13 17 04:26 pm EDT)

    Thank you for the caring and dignified manner in the way you handled my dog "Daisy". It was very appreciated.

  • John and Lea Walker (Wednesday, September 20 17 03:32 pm EDT)

    I just picked up my Snow's remains from my vet and I want to thank you so very much by the way our Snow was returned to us, his box his paw print the Rainbow Bridge poem and the booklet were just so beautiful it gave us such happiness knowing he was handled with such care. We have had other pets cremated but nothing like your company. Our Snow was the most lovable, happiest sweetest pet we have ever had always licking his brothers and sisters (dogs and cats) and whoever petted him. My wife always said he is such a sweet soul and he was. He is back home and my wife and myself are so very happy. Again thank you so very much.

  • Patricia Melillo (Sunday, December 18 16 08:30 pm EST)

    Thank you for providing items needed at a time when it's so hard on us humans.

  • Mary Kay McGuire (Wednesday, June 08 16 04:40 pm EDT)

    I picked up our Scotties remains today from my Veterinary Office. We were so touched by the way our Scottie was returned to us. The box is beautiful and when we opened the box with his paw print, our
    hearts swelled! Knowing that he was handled and treated with such care and dignity makes us feel so much better. My daughter Hannah rescued Scottie 4 years ago when he was 9 years old. In those 4
    years our little boy brought us more love than we have ever felt. No animal or human has ever needed or loved us as much as he.... in truth, We needed and loved him just as much. I promised him that
    I would bring him home and always keep him safe. Your service made that possible beyond our expectations. We feel peace. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mary Kay & Hannah McGuire

  • Frank & Teri Brach (Tuesday, June 30 15 04:32 pm EDT)

    We would like to Thank-You Ray for the dignity, care, and compassion that you showed to our precious Cody and us at a very difficult time. Cody was one of the most well traveled dogs that I have ever
    met! We rescued our boy Cody in 2002 from a pet shop in Beckley, West Virginia as a pup where we lived at that time. This was the start of our amazing journey with Cody. After a couple years in W.V.
    we moved to Pa. where we lived with Cody for almost 5 years. Next, we drove all the way up to Fairbanks, Alaska to be closer to my family. We did this in a week stopping every night at a different
    hotel whereas Cody would jump up on one of the beds in the room as if to say "Okay, I claim this bed" and he would stretch out and go to sleep (I have pictures of him on so many different beds! Once
    in Fairbanks, we spent our 1st winter there which was enough for all of us due to the extreme cold of minus 65 below zero, especially Cody as he did not care much for having to wear a coat and boots
    on his feet ( I can still picture him in those boots as he walked in them, lifting each foot up so high almost touching his chest). After a few months, we moved to Wasilla, Alaska which was a little
    warmer, there we lived for over 5 wonderful years. During this time Cody had the time of his life and it shows in all of his pictures while camping, fishing, hiking, traveling all over Alaska, and
    spending time with us, all of the kids, and adults in our family. During the last year of 2014 the winters were taking it's toll on us and Cody who was having difficulty climbing stairs. So, in
    October 2014 we decided that we needed warmer weather and started the move from Wasilla, Alaska to Sarasota, Florida. Again, we drove with Cody for 2 weeks (taking our time!) stopping in Fairbanks
    and Washington, Pa. to visit family. Cody seemed to love the drive with the warm sunshine on him as he napped. Upon arriving in Sarasota the end of Oct. 2014, Cody did perk up as I feel this was due
    to no more cold,
    snow, and stairs, always enjoying his walks in the warm sunshine with his mom and dad. Cody was doing well up until his 13th birthday on April 28th, 2015 where I have him on video as he enjoyed
    carrot cake and doggy ice cream as we sang Happy Birthday to him. Within the next several weeks Cody took a turn for the worst where he could no longer get up and stand on his own. It was at this
    time that he finally gave me "the look" telling me that he could no longer go on. I made all arrangements to make Cody comfortable asking Dr. Marquez from Beneva Animal Hospital to come to our home
    as Cody was always uneasy about having to go to the vet's office. On Saturday June 13, 2015 awaiting the vet to come, my husband Frank and myself laid on the floor for hours with our precious Cody
    stroking his thick, soft fur as we looked into his beautiful face and soft brown eyes, telling him that we love him with all our hearts and will miss him but, that soon he will have a new pain free
    body and be running and playing in green fields. We tell him to be watching for us at the Rainbow Bridge, that's where we will meet again. Soon Dr. Marquez came and I continued to lay on the floor
    with Cody, holding him tightly, whispering in his ear again how much I love him and to meet me at the Rainbow Bridge as he took his last breath. My heart has been torn from my chest, I miss my Cody
    Boy but, I will see him at the Rainbow Bridge! On Monday, June 15th I started what would be my final road trip with my precious Cody (he would be with me in spirit) taking him to his final resting
    place at Peaceful Pastures in Washington, Pa. where he was laid to rest on Wednesday, June 17, 2015
    Cody Brach
    Love & Miss You!
    You Will Always Be In Our Hearts!

  • Sandy Deland (Friday, February 20 15 07:56 pm EST)

    Thank you for your special care of my dog, Balto. He, amazingly lived into his nineteenth year. As a larger dog, my vet was amazed at his longevity.
    He was a very special friend. I used to tell him he was "the best dog in the world." To me, he was!
    You have been there for me many times before when I have had to say good bye to furry family members.
    The service you provide is invaluable to those of us who love animals.
    Not only are remains returned in beautiful carved wooden boxes, but a copy of the Rainbow Bridge, as well as a lovely booklet.
    Again, thank you for this compassionate service you provide, and how you provide it with caring and empathy.

  • Michelle Crawford (Friday, January 30 15 01:38 pm EST)

    Losing my soulful friend Prancer was very difficult. Having her cremated gave me some closure. I picked up her remains today and was surprised at how lovely everything was. Thank you so much for your
    service and understanding.

  • Bob & Diane Patterson (Tuesday, December 30 14 08:10 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for your beautiful memorial support!!! Your compassion, care & sentiments have helped us get through the loss of our precious Sheltie, Shilo. Your guidebook and Rainbow Bridge
    expression uplifts our hearts. Our sincere gratitude, Bob & Diane Patterson.

  • Jerry Whiles & Judi Bell (Monday, July 07 14 10:42 pm EDT)

    We cannot Thank You enough for the compassion shown to us with the loss of our Max, a 15 year old Yorkie. A devastating loss that leaves a hole in our hearts!! Your returning him to us and the
    materials sent along with his beautiful wooden Urn have helped so much! We are Grateful and Thankful!
    To know he will be waiting for me at "The Rainbow Bridge" is a comfort! Thank You Again!

  • Marta and Al Brand (Tuesday, April 22 14 06:00 pm EDT)

    We bless you for your helping us with your compassion and wonderful as ourloved CHAPPY's way to "heaven a place called Rainbow Bridge"

  • ANN DANIEL & RON DAVIES (Tuesday, March 25 14 04:30 pm EDT)

    Ann Daniel & Ron Davies

    We want to thank you for the dignity,care and compassion that all of you at Belspur Oaks provided to our little PABLO. He was a little feral cat of about 8 months old when we got him. He socialized
    to us very quickly,and for the last 16 years brought love,joy,laughter,companionship and yes,tears to our lives. Pabies involved himself in every aspect of our daily lives.From wake until bed time he
    made sure he was right there involved in our days,even all vacations ! He loved his yearly 25 days in the Florida Keys,watching crabs and birds,napping and reading with Mom & Poppy and of course
    sharing fresh caught grilled Florida lobster with us. His loss has really hit us,house seemed so empty until the return of his little ashes.Now it feels as if his dear,loving spirit is once again
    home. Again,thank you good folks for your insuring that Pablo received the dignity and care he so deserved,and for your compassion to us.
    Ann Daniel & Ron Davies

  • Jenna Gwynn (Friday, December 27 13 02:38 pm EST)

    Thank you for always being so helpful during a difficult time in my life. You have cremated three of my animals and will continue to do so in the future. I want all my babies to be at the rainbow
    bridge waiting for me and you make me feel comfortable about leaving them in your hands so they can start a new chapter. Congrats on the new digs.

  • Evelyn and Angel (Tuesday, October 15 13 01:28 pm EDT)

    We want to say Thank You for how beautifully and tenderly you handled our Chaquii. We smiled when we looked and it was like pulling out a lot of little was lovely and tender and brought
    warmth to our hearts. We were anxious to have her back home with us and relieved to see how lovely this was done. It displayed caring and empathy which we much appreciate. TY again for the
    sensitivity to our Chaquii whom we loved; she filled our lives for 13 years. Your really showed us you care and how important you understand she was to us. Now she will rest in our garden forever. We
    have come full circle again.

  • Edgar Sage (Sunday, July 28 13 03:11 pm EDT)

    Thank you for taking care of us promptly and with dignity, even on a weekend. I don't know what we would have done without your help. You are providing a great and much needed service to the

  • Vicki Gnall (Friday, January 11 13 11:47 pm EST)

    I want to take this time to thank you for doing such a beautiful job with my cat, Elliott Gnall, you give the 4 leggged family members the dignity that they deserve for being such loyal and loving
    family members. I meant so much to me to have my baby boy returned to me in such a loving way. You truly are remarkable and i can never thank you enough.

  • Kathleen A. Majerchin (Tuesday, November 27 12 01:44 pm EST)

    Losing my precious Scottish Terrier "Mac" was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced but his remains were returned to me so beautifully and with such care, thank you for taking such
    special care with my beloved boy, he is with his Dad in heaven now!



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