Sneaker & Me

Sneaker & Me

It is with great excitement that Barbara announce that her labor of love is now complete and ready for purchase.


Through the years, in helping thousands of grieving pet owners say their final good-byes to their beloved pets, Barbara noticed that the same questions always seem to be asked:  "Do you have pets of your own?" and "Have you ever experienced the passing of a beloved and cherished pet?"


The answer is a resounding "Yes," and in a final tribute to her own cat, Sneaker, with whom the author shared a relationship that spanned more than 20 years, Barbara chronicles the memory of her pet's life in a heartwarming storybook titled Sneaker and Me.


Now available, this beautifully illustrated, sweet tale takes the reader along on a humorous and, at times, moving journey through significant life events, beginning with the successful adoption of a black shelter cat and culminating with Sneaker crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  The theme of the story also emphasizes that responsible pet ownership lasts for the life of the pet.


Sneaker & Me E-Book is now available at Amazon 




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