Remains Scattering

If it is your choice to scatter the cremated remains of your pet, there are a variety of options available. Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory can arrange to have your pets remains scattered by boat in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, or you may select an appropriate location of your own.

If you intend to scatter the cremated remains, environmental regulations will generally permit such, provided you have the permission of the property owner. We urge you to contact your local department of environmental protection for clarification prior to scattering.



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What to Do in the Event of Your Pet's Death?

Please immediately notify your Veterinarian or Emergency Hospital as soon as the death occurs. If you choose not to notify your Veterinarian, you may call us directly.
Please call us at (941) 751-5044 so we can help you take care of all the important details and provide guidance on decisions.


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